Death notification

If someone 

We know there is a lot to organise when someone dies.

If you are a member of the family, the executor, the solicitor or simply a friend, who is dealing with the estate of the deceased, please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow by phone, or in person, to tell us of the death, as we may need to reassess the services we provide for example:

  • Benefits
  • Council Tax
  • Housing
  • Garages
  • Elections
  • Bin collections

Please note: an original copy of the Death Certificate will need to be shown to an Advisor at Contact Harlow for a copy to be made.

Register a death

Deaths are registered and certificates are issued by Essex County Council.

Council Tax

If the deceased property is now unoccupied, it will be exempt from payment of Council Tax until probate is granted and for six months after probate, provided the property remains unoccupied and a Council Tax Property Exemption-Discount Form is completed, signed and submitted to the Council. More information on Council Tax property exemptions and form

Council tenants

Whilst we appreciate that this is a difficult time, arrangements need to be made for the property keys to be returned to the Council. Upon advising the Council of the death of the tenant, we will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and will agree with you a date for the keys to be returned. More information on key return and a checklist on what to do when a Council tenant dies

Bereavement related benefits

When someone dies there may be bereavement related benefits and payments that you may be eligible for: