Plant a tree for Harlow

Tree planting in HarlowWe declared a climate emergency in July which commits us to a number of changes to prevent climate change and improve the quality of life in our town.

We have pledged to plant 1000 new trees and hedgerows in the next year and we would like your help.

We would like you to help improve your neighbourhood and contribute to the future of Harlow by planting trees on council land.

We will be supplying the tools and tree ‘whips’, as well as providing advice on how to give the young trees the best chance to grow.

We will take the trees over when they are established and manage them with the rest of the trees on our land.

How to get started

Get a group together and decide where you would like to see some trees planted.

You should then get in touch with us by filling in our online form.

You will need to provide:

  • details of your group lead person’s name
  • a contact number
  • the location of where you would like to plant trees

We can put you together with other volunteers if you are unable to find a group.

Decision process

We will need to take into consideration some important factors when reviewing your application. These include:

  • whether the trees are going to be right for the area
  • if the trees will grow up to cause a problem  to nearby buildings or for managing the landscape
  • how many people locally are supporting the idea

What happens next?

Our Landscape and Biodiversity team will contact you to discuss your ideas and fill out an application pack with you. This will include working out the best time to plant your trees and provide you with the necessary tools.

Can’t find a suitable place to plant?

We would be happy to give you some ideas of places where trees can be planted without causing any problems.

Wherever they go, the trees will help to secure the future against climate change and they can contribute to habitats for a wide range of plants and creatures.