Apply for council housing

To apply for social housing you need to join the Housing Needs Register.

The Housing Needs Register is a list of all people who qualify for social housing and need help finding somewhere to live.

You can join the Housing Needs Register if you have a:

  • local connection to Harlow
  • housing need

You cannot join the Housing Needs Register if you:

  • do not have a local connection
  • have a current antisocial behaviour order
  • have lost your previous home due to antisocial behaviour
  • have an outstanding injunction
  • have a recent conviction related to domestic abuse
  • have had a home closed by the police due to involvement with drugs
  • have housing-related debt totalling £1,000 or more (not including mortgage arrears)
  • have more than £50,000 from savings, equity or income

Housing initial assessment

 To join the Housing Needs Register you will need to complete an initial assessment.